​​​The green buttons offer links to the labs used at Healthy by Nature Family Wellness Clinic, LLC.  Most of the websites offer detailed information about the tests offered and some websites provide example reports.  I only stock the test kits listed in the "Services" tab, however, if there is a test listed on the laboratory website that you are interested in the test kit can be ordered in for you. 

SpectraCell Laboratories
Nutrient Panel

Thyroid Panel

Male and Female hormone (blood) panels

Cardiovascular Risk Panel

Meridian Valley Lab

Basic & Comprehensive Food Allergy Panels

Comprehensive Stool & Digestive Analysis 

Inhalent Allergy Testing

 DiagnosTechs Lab

Adrenal Stress Index

(Cycling) Female Hormone Panel (saliva)

Menopausal Hormone Panel (saliva)

ZRT Laboratory

Melatonin & Sleep Balance Panel

Adrenal, Thyroid & Hormone Panel 

Quest Diagnostics

Quest Diagnostics is the lab used for conventional lab testing and offers thousands of conventional tests. 


GeneSight is a saliva swab that tests genetic markers to determine how well your body is able to utilize and detoxify certain medications.  This test is designed to evaluate your genetic response to medications used for neuropsychiatric conditions such as depression, anxiety, bipolar, & other psychiatric conditions as well as attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder medications & opioid analgesics.  The test cost is $0 for federal Medicare programs and Medicaid.  For Medicare Advantage programs and most other private insurance programs the cost of this test is $330.  The test can be ordered and collected at Healthy by Nature Family Wellness Clinic, LLC but all insurance and billing are done through GeneSight (Assurex).  

Cyrex Laboratories

Cyrex Laboratories offers a vast array of antibody testing for food allergies, gluten and gluten cross-reactive foods, auto-immune antibodies including diabetes, neurological, & joint-specific antibodies.  Cyrex Laboratories does not submit to insurance, but has available CPT codes for the individual tests that patients can submit independently.  Patients will pay Cyrex Laboratories directly for testing, but Healthy by Nature Family Wellness Clinic, LLC can obtain the blood sample and submit the order for you. 

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